SCL Boredom-Buster #8: “Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry”

Yesterday‘s SCL summer reading recommendation featured poems resulting from a single author’s writing project – to compose first thing in the morning. Today’s poetry selection comes from across the pond and features myriad poets responding to a single prompt: the word “red.” Check out:

Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry, edited by Kwame Dawes, and available here at the Stone Center Library.

  • “Inspired by the word ‘red,’ this collection of poems written by black British writers–including both established authors and new, exciting poets–explores the subjects and ideas stirred by a single trigger, from the word’s usual associations with blood, violence, passion, and anger, as well as with sensuality and sexuality, to more surprising interpretations such as the link to a particular mood, the quality of light in the sky, the color of skin, and the sound of a song. This remarkable compilation succeeds in generating poems that find an intriguing resonance with each other while also revealing images and themes unique to the individual poets.” (Source: Syndetic Solutions)

Enjoy! And tune in tomorrow as our series of Boredom-Busters continues! :)


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