SCL Boredom-Buster #7: “Wake-up calls: 66 morning poems”

Good morning, faithful readers!

Last week we kick-started our Boredom-Busters series of summer reading recommendations with selections in fiction. This week, we’ll be highlighting picks in poetry.

Today, the Stone Center Library recommends:

Wake-up calls: 66 morning poems, by Wanda Phipps, and available here at the Library.

  • “A collection of Wanda Phipps’s best poems from her writing project in which she wrote every day right after she awoke, Wake-Up Calls is a fascinating reflection of the many different moods a person can have in the morning and a very personal glimpse into the author’s life (she was moving into a new home at the time). Phipps explores issues of identity and self with a freshness of voice and imagery fortuitously captured in the state between dreaming and fully waking up.” (Source: Syndetic Solutions)

Happy reading, and remember to check back in tomorrow for Boredom-Buster #8! Interested in following up on one of our previous selections? Click here for the rest of the series.


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